Common Issues in Rubber Roof Repair

Top Causes of Rubber Roofing Damages

As a durable and flexible roofing solution, rubber roofing is a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. However, like all materials, it can be susceptible to damages which may require repair. Understanding the underlying causes of rubber roof repair can help property owners address problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring the longevity of their investment.

Poor Installation:

One of the primary reasons for rubber roof deterioration is inadequate installation. If the initial fitting is not done correctly, issues such as seam failures and pooling water can occur. This underscores the importance of professional workmanship during installation.

Weathering and UV Damage:

Over time, exposure to the elements takes a toll on rubber roofs. Sunlight, particularly ultraviolet rays, can lead to material degradation known as UV damage, making your roof brittle and more likely to tear or puncture.

Standing Water:

Also known as “ponding water,” this occurs when water collects on the roof’s surface without draining properly. It could be due to improper slope designs or clogged drainage systems. Ponding water increases the likelihood of leaks and accelerates wear in specific areas.

Mechanical Damage:

Foot traffic or dropping tools during rooftop activities can cause immediate punctures or long-term wear-n-tear on your rubber roof. It’s crucial to be careful while accessing or working on your rooftop to avoid such mechanical damage.

Inadequate maintenance also plays its part in accelerating rubber roofing damages; hence routine inspections are essential for early detection and prompt repair. Regularly checking your roof’s condition helps prevent small issues from turning into significant problems that may demand extensive repairs or replacements. For professional help with rubber roof repair, MT Chatham Roofing and Siding can provide expert services tailored to your needs in Chatham, NJ. Reach out at (862) 267-7322 if you’re experiencing any signs of roofing troubles; quality workmanship is just a call away.

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