Even With Experience, There Are Common Ways That a Roof Replacement Might Go Wrong

Replacement Mistakes That Even Roof Experts Forget!

Research is a homeowner’s greatest friend when it comes to investing in a new roof. However, research may get daunting as you start delving into all the numerous facets of the project, like the materials, warranties, prices, ventilation, etc. Just as crucial as the project’s various elements are finding a roof replacement contractor you can rely on. By doing your research to locate the finest partner for the project, you can be sure that every other choice you make will be successful. However, selecting the proper contractor might be the difference between a project’s success and its failure due to typical blunders. Keep these planning blunders in mind—even the most seasoned roofers are capable of making them.

Doubling Over the Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shield has been used as a regular procedure for years to seal the roof eaves during renovations. The more conventional underlayment may be used by “old-school” contractors. In sensitive places, especially in a humid environment, you want to be sure that your roof repair contractor is putting ice and water shield. Without it, you run a higher chance of seeing leaks and water damage.

Wrong Order Layer Additions

The shingles on a roof may seem to be the only thing that needs replacing for the majority of homeowners. But the project’s top layer is only one part of what it entails. The foundational elements required for success are known to every roof replacement contractor. However, adding a layer out of sequence is a typical error that reduces overall security. In general, the underlayment, ice/water guard, and drip edge should be installed in the following order: drip edge first, eave second. In addition, roofing, ventilation, and flashing should be added by the contractors.

Not Using Starter Strips

A beginning layer of adhesive strips should always be used when replacing a roof. Without starting strips, you are forced to attach the shingles directly to the frame, leaving the roof exposed to the elements like wind. You should have decades of roof life. Don’t allow starter strips, a very easy procedure, cause shingles to fly off before the roof has even been up for a few months or years.

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