Done With Roof Repairs?

Do you think that once your roofing has been fixed, the hard work ends? Think again. The actions you take—or don’t take—following a repair could make a big difference in your roof’s longevity and performance. Here, we’ll guide you through common mistakes homeowners often make after a roof repair. Keep reading!

Ignoring Inspection

After a repair, some homeowners feel that an inspection is unnecessary. They’re wrong. Conduct a thorough walk-through with your contractor. This allows you to spot any issues before they escalate and also helps you understand what was done.

Immediate Pressure Washing

Though a newly repaired roof might inspire you to clean, avoid pressure washing too soon. This could dislodge shingles that haven’t fully settled, leading to future problems. Wait a few weeks before attempting any robust cleaning.

Overloading the Roof

It might be tempting to put up a new satellite dish or rooftop garden after a repair. Yet adding too much weight too quickly can compromise the structure. Always consult with professionals before adding any heavy fixtures to your newly repaired roof.

Neglecting Maintenance

Just because the roof was recently repaired doesn’t mean it won’t require ongoing care. Routine maintenance, such as gutter cleaning and shingle checks, should not be ignored. They play a vital role in the long-term health of your roof.

Bypassing Warranty Documentation

Most roofing repairs come with warranties that are only valid with proper documentation. Failing to keep these papers can cost you if a problem crops up that should be covered. Always store any repair-related documentation in a safe, easy-to-remember place.

Secure Your Roof’s Future Today

Just had a roofing repair job done and want to make sure it lasts? Now you know what actions should be avoided. To ensure your roof will last, turn to MT Chatham Roofing and Siding for seamless roof repair services in Chatham, NJ. If you have questions, call us at (862) 267-7322!

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