Signs for a Roof Replacement

When to Replace Your Roof

When a roof reaches the end of its useful life, roof replacement is one of the most expensive responsibilities of home ownership. The need to replace a roof is dependent on a variety of elements, including the type of roof, the quality of the materials used during installation, and the installation quality. But there are other factors to consider before replacing your roof, and you should always speak with an expert before taking action.

Loose, Cracked, Damaged, or Missing Shingles

The integrity of your roof may be compromised by missing, loose, or broken shingles, which may result in issues like water damage and inadequate insulation. It might be challenging to locate exposed areas of your roof where shingles need to be included or repaired. Professionals are typically considerably quicker than homeowners at identifying missing shingles. However, if you want to have a peek for yourself, you can do so without risking your safety by using binoculars or a drone while standing on solid ground. Make sure that each shingle is flat by carefully inspecting it. You should notice any missing shingles quite fast. Patching your roof will only be enough if enough shingles are damaged, or nails are visible; you will need a complete replacement.

Signs of Water Damage, Mold, or Rot

Sheathing or roof decking are the terms used to describe the wooden boards that span your roof’s trusses. Wood rot caused by wet wood decking can affect many parts of your house. If the roof deck has black patches, discoloration, crumbles, or fractures; feels spongy; or has a damp, musty smell, your roof likely has wood rot. By standing on shingles above the rot and feeling them give more than usual, a roofer might also find wood rot. Consult a qualified home inspector if you believe you may have wood rot.

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