The Importance of Replacing a New Roof Decking for Roof Replacement

An Important Roof Component That Should Be Taken Into Consideration!

f you’re getting a new roof, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of your roof is only as good as the decking underneath it. The strength of your roof is dependent on the decking, and if you don’t replace it when replacing your old roof, you could end up with more problems down the road. Here are some reasons why replacing deckings during a roof replacement matters:

The Strength of your Roof Will Depend on Your Decking

You might think that the strength of your roof is dependent on the shingles, but it’s actually dependent on the decking. The decking is the layer of wood or other material that lies between the roof covering and your home’s structural framing. It supports all of that weight, protects against moisture damage, and can be made entirely out of wood.

Your Roof’s Quality Is as good as Your Decking

The quality of a new roof is only as good as the decking underneath it. It’s important that you know what materials are used in your decking, because different types affect how well they will hold up over time and protect your home from leaks. Decking can be made from plywood, OSB (oriented strand board) or even oriented strand board. Plywood tends to be stronger than OSB but more expensive; OSB is less expensive but also less durable than plywood or oriented strand board.

A Strong Decking Will Help Keep Your Home Protected from Leaks

A properly built deck will help to keep your home safe from leaks and damage. The decking is the layer of wood that supports the roofing material, and it’s usually made from plywood, OSB or other wood products. A strong, well-built deck will support heavy loads without bending or buckling under pressure. It keeps rainwater out of your attic space!

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