The Importance of Roof Repair and Maintenance

Common Roof Problems Homeowners Experience

Water intrusion is responsible for about 40% of building-related issues, and it typically enters through the roof. Therefore, homeowners need to give roof repair and maintenance first priority. But first, you must be aware of the symptoms of roofing issues. It’s not necessary to wait for the first leak to detect a roof issue. But aside from leaks, how many roof issues do you actually know about? The most frequent roof issues that homeowners have are listed below.


Your roof may be leaking if you see water running down a wall. Droplets of water, mold growth, and water stains may also indicate a leaking roof. A leaky roof can be fixed by replacing the offending shingle and plugging the holes that are the source of the leak.

Damaged Gutters

One of the frequent roof difficulties is falling gutters or downspouts. They could result in roof damage and flooding if neglected. Check for clogs in your gutters before replacing them. Before they further damage your home, you should replace your damaged gutters.


When exposed to cool, humid environments, moss grows. Moss can clog gutters and result in roof cracks over the winter. Make sure to remove the moss from the roof as soon as you can to prevent this. Use a spray bottle to apply a solution made of water, laundry detergent, and chlorine bleach to the afflicted area to remove moss off your roof. After 30 minutes, rinse it off with clean water.


Animals may decide to make a home on your well-maintained roof, contrary to what most people believe—that they are primarily drawn to broken roofs. Animals that repeatedly burrow through roofs may cause harm. Your roof could crack as they go along, leading to leaks. Future issues with your roof could also be brought on by birds, especially if they construct nests there. Make careful to expel them as soon as you can to save money on repairs.

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