When to Call a Professional for Roof Repair or Replacement

When to Contact a Professional About Roof Storm Damage

Storm damage to your roof may compromise its structural integrity. Knowing how to evaluate your roof and when to contact a professional for roof repair or replacement is important. Can you repair storm damage to your roof, or should you hire a professional? Here’s how to evaluate the harm and seek the assistance you require.

Assessing Types Of Damage

There are a few different types of roof storm damage that you may encounter. Here’s what to look out for:

Rain Damage

You should watch out for this if there have been recent significant rains. Rainfall is the roof’s worst enemy since it can enter through any crack or opening and cause havoc.

Water can harm your roof in many ways, most over longer times. Rotting roof timbers are a certain indicator of storm-related water damage. If this continues, your roof may develop some serious structural problems.

Wind Damage

High winds that frequently accompany storms pose a threat to your roof. The damage would be minor if experts installed your roof. Wind, however, could be a significant issue for you, depending on the style of your roof.

When you walk outside to inspect your roof, you could notice that some of the shingles are gone. They are highly susceptible to being lifted and carried away by strong winds. They must be replaced promptly, as those spaces in the roof will let water in if you see rain shortly.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is the last type of roof storm damage you’ll observe. Despite being less frequent, it can harm all kinds of things. You’ll typically notice ‘bruising’ or areas where hail has hit the shingles, cracks, and tears. Again, if this is neglected long enough, water may enter your roof and begin to harm it.

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